Month: February 2011

Mobile Monday: picplz Android

Mobile Monday: picplz

Today we look at another app for sharing photos with the web. Picplz is like Twitter for photos. There are two parts to picplz, the first is a mobile …
POD: First Hair Cut Family

POD: First Hair Cut

Today we took Violet to Melonhead in Square One to get her first hair cut. So Our picture today is the after shot. The before is in our bonus shots. I…
POD: Let me IN! Family

POD: Let me IN!

I took tonight's picture while making dinner. Our little Violet didn’t like that the gate closed behind me and she let me know it.…
POD: Spoooon! Family

POD: Spoooon!

Today at work Melissa found a little present in her purse. It seems that Violet had put one of her toy spoons into Melissa’s purse. Of course Melissa …
POD: Home baked goodness Family

POD: Home baked goodness

With Violet’s Nut allergy we find ourselves making more foods at home. On tonight's menu was Melissa’s home made Pizza and Lemon Meringue Pie. Both we…
POD: Final snow day? Family

POD: Final snow day?

Today I was reminded of what I can expect as the weather warms. You see Jacob’s friend came knocking on the door after luanch today, wanting Jacob to …
POD: Time out! Family

POD: Time out!

Today’s picture of the day is of Violet having timeout under the table. It’s also a processed photo. Something I usually don’t do beyond some light cr…
POD: Valentines Day Family

POD: Valentines Day

Today is Valentines day and our little family celebrated. My Picture is of the kids in their chairs with their Valentines treats from mommy and daddy.…
Mobile Monday: Flickr Free Android

Mobile Monday: Flickr Free

Today we’re getting back to our weekly app review with an application that fills a need I’ve had for a while. Flickr Free provides a simple but powerful interface for interacting with Flickr from your android
POD: A Note from Jacob Family

POD: A Note from Jacob

Today before bed Jacob brought me this note. It was so unexpected and sweet. Now I have my own spontaneous note from Jacob, back in November he gave o…
POD: My poor Baby Girl Family

POD: My poor Baby Girl

We had our follow-up appointment at the fracture clinic. Our little girls collar-bone is broke in two places, and should heal on it own. She just has …