Mobile Monday: Bud Phone


It seems strange that I have anything sponsored by Bud on my phone, but this little application saves me money so it’s hard not to like it. Bud Phone uses VOIP to let you make local calls to many cities in Canada (the complete list is here). Bud phone is a simple Dialler application for Android, iOS, and Black Berry. Once you have registered at it dials a local number, that then dials the number you are connecting too. It takes an extra minute to make calls but there are know ads during the call and the quality has been pretty good. The service is great but you are still using local minutes, that is unless you have a cell plan with favourites numbers. Just add the local access number as a favourite and you can now call local or long distance numbers without using minutes.

Of course also offers a computer based VOIP solution for free that gives you a free phone number, with Free Long distance, Call Display and Voice mail. It will even forward to missed calls to another number so it can be used away from the computer. More on that another day.


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