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CAP2011021402311Today we’re getting back to our weekly app review with an application that fills a need I’ve had for a while. Flickr Free provides a simple but powerful interface for interacting with Flickr from your android phone. The interface isn’t flashy but it has all the features I’ve been looking for. You can View public photos or your own from Flickr, Upload from your Camera or Image Gallery. As an added bonus it supports multiple accounts. It’s an open source application that has a paid version to support development on the app. There seems to be a differences between the two version but I can’t seem to find any clear description of what they are. One minor annoyance with the user interface is that in the free version they have the upgrade button as the first option when you open the account. I like the idea of supporting developers, that just seems a waste of interface space.

CAP201102131048I primarily use Flickr for storing and sharing our family photos, I’ve never got into just browsing other people’s photos, and surprisingly not many(if any) of my friends have active Flickr accounts. So though I find the user interface for browsing Flickr simple to use, I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it. The upload interface on the other hand I’ll use a lot more often. It’s straight forward, just enter Title, Comment, and Tag. Choose who can view the photo and it’s safety level and away it goes. What’s missing is being able to change account from the upload interface, and the ability to add a photo to a set.

Even with the couple of issues I have it the application that is quickly becoming an app I use regularly.  So much so I’m thinking of picking up the paid Flickr Companion for Android.

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