POD: Snuggle-Up-and-Read

Photo Feb 04, 6 39 41 PM

Today Jacob brought home some new homework. It’s something we signed up for last week and have been waiting to start. It’s the Kindergarten Snuggle-Up-and-Read Club. Each week Jacob will pick a couple of books to bring home. He’ll read them with mommy or daddy there to encourage him and help if one of the words is too hard. Once the book is complete we as questions about the story. Then we fill out his reading log. Jacob writes out the of the story, draws a picture of his favourite part and then writes his opinion of the story. It’s a great exercise and I’m looking forward to doing it with him each week.

Our bonus to-day includes a video of Jacob’s reading and the picture he did for his homework:

Jacob Reads to daddy. Part of todays Homework.

Photo Feb 04, 6 40 13 PM

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