POD: The Importance of Reading Labels


Tonight I ran out to the Real Canadian Supper store to pick up a few thing. It’s a bit out-of-the-way but we needed Sun Butter and we haven’t seen it in any of the closer super markets. So I found myself walking down the organic aisle looking at the different spreads. They had organic peanut butter, Almond Butter, and of course the sun butter I had come for Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread. As I looked I was excited to see another brand of Sunflowers Seed Butter. I thought about getting it, but as I was putting in the cart I thought I’d just take a pick at the label. There it was in Bold letters May contain traces of peanuts or other nuts and seeds. My first thought was that’s just wrong. Why would you want Sunflower spread with nuts. Of course when you look at the name of the company, Nuts To You nut butters, it’s clear that they are about providing organic Nut bet spreads. Though I probably wouldn’t be buying Sun Flower Seed spreads if it wasn’t for Violet’s allergy I guess some people would like it, but for me it’s just another product that we’ll be avoiding.

Our bonus picture today is of the Sunbutter spread I came home with:



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