POD: A night of Baseball


A pair of tickets for the Bluejays, were offered to Melissa and me. The seats alone were too good to pass up. First row in the 200 level just off home plate. I thought about taking Jacob, but it was an evening game and with Jacob’s new bedtime routine I wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle it. Especially if the game went long, and as it turned out it was a 11 inning affair so its problem a good thing that I didn’t bring him along.  Instead it I took my mom, It was my way if thanking her for all the great stuff she does for us. The game itself was great, the Jays tied the Rays in the 8th and won it in the 11 with a walk off home run by Jonny Mac.

Our bonus pictures to-day are some more shots from the game:





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