POD: IV for my Baby Girl

Photo Apr 16, 12 01 09 AM

Today we found ourselves in Urgent care once again. It was Violet’s turn today. My little girl has had a serious case of the poops for the last couple of days. By the time I got home Melissa was getting worried that she might be getting dehydrated so I dropped the two of them off and took Jacob to swimming. We got back to Urgent Care just in time for me to sit with her as they put in an IV. We spent the evening hanging in Urgent Care, thankfully Violet spent a lot of it napping. All we can do now is watch and wait hoping the worst of it is behind us.

We have 2 Bonus Pictures today, the first is Violet after she woke up from her nap after being on the IV for 2 hours. The second is an entertainment station that a nice nurse setup for Jacob:

Photo Apr 16, 12 01 44 AM

Photo Apr 16, 12 02 33 AM


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