Fitness Friday: Setting a Schedule

This last week I was reminded how hard it can be to find time to run, but with my commitment to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (Fitness Friday: Setting Goals) I know that I need to find the time.  This week with Jacob’s extra Hockey day and unexpected night in the ER, It’s been hard to get out there. I did manage 3 runs this last week which is better than I had done for most of the month, but not enough if I plan to run my race faster than I did in the spring. Looking at the the calendar, I have 17 days till the race. With my last training day being the 14th, I have only 15 days to get my ready.

Time to step up my training. To help me focus on my training I’m going to share my training schedule on my blog, and keep it up-to-date. I’m listing my runs from now till Race Day. Each time I run I’ll update the widget with my time and a link to the Runkeeper event. If I miss one I hope that some of my readers will bug me about it. I need to get out there and run. Not just for the big run either, going forward I hope to continue posting my schedule and want to be held to it. Here is what my schedule looks like for the moment. I’m hoping to run 10 of the 15 days I have before my race. With Sunday’s being my long runs, and Saturday being my day off. It could change, but for now here it is:

Fri Sep 30    – 5K Run
Sun Oct 2    – Long Run
Mon Oct 3    – 5k Run
Wed Oct 5    – 15k Run
Thu Oct 6    – 5k Run
Fri Oct 7    – 10k Run
Sun Oct 9    – Long Run
Mon Oct 10    – 5k Run
Wed Oct 12    – 15k Run
Fri Oct 14    – 10k Run

Run of the Week:

With the renewed focus on my running I thought I’d try to get back to the run of the week. This wasn’t my furthest run, I did 8.8km last night, but this one I felt better about. sure my pace was to slow, but I was fairly steady. I know for my big race I will need to set a pace and maintain it for the entire run. Specially if I hope to come in under the 2 hour mark. Overall I did pretty good, though I ended up walking a little more at the end then I really should have.


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