POD: Car vs Bus

Today while heading to a clients our bus had a little accident. It seems a car thought it could finish a turn before the bus came through the intersection. As you can see from the photo he didn’t make it. Thankfully know one was in hurt. It was strange right before the accident one of the other riders said, ‘he’s not going to try to make the turn is he?’. The next thing I heard was the buses horn. The driver slammed on the brakes, and for a moment I thought we wouldn’t hit but then I heard the crunch of bus hitting car.

One thought on “POD: Car vs Bus

  1. Bus vs. car, bus will win.

    It’s bugging me, which intersection is that? Looks familiar, the location data on the photo isn’t correct, it has it in the middle of Mount Pleasant Cemetary, so I’m guessing this was on Eglinton. At Mount Pleasant, maybe?

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