A Night Away

For about month we planned a family get away to the USA for some shopping and a little relaxing. Two weeks ago we went, of course because things can never go as planned we were forced to change our plans at the last-minute and Violet ended up stay back in Toronto to have a special adventure with Nan. That left Melissa, Jacob and I on a road trip with Nana and Papa. Having one less child let me sit in the back row of the van where Violet usually sits. It was a great way to keep Jacob entertained during the live drive.  It was how I was able to capture this photo:

Of course Jacob was exited by the whole trip, but spending the night in a hotel was probably the most exciting thing for him Swimming in the pool at the hotel was a close second. I think the shopping was something he was willing to put up with, but he would have happily gone straight to the hotel. There was some silly stuff during the shopping. I tried to get Jacob to pose with Nana, Papa and Mommy but he thought it was too silly.

When we got home from our trip and I looked back at the photos I had taken I was very disappointed by how few photos I’d taken. I didn’t take any at the hotel, either in our room or at the pool.  The room was nice and being able to go for a swim was great, even if the pool was a little cold.

Another high point for our little guy was we ate breakfast out. Our breakfast party was huge, we had the 5 of us, plus 3 of Melissa’s cousins and sence we didn’t want to wait an hour for our meal we ended up at 3 different tables. Of course having a quite breakfast with Just Melissa and I was quite nice. I managed to snap this picture when I took my old phone from him so he could get down to the business of eating his breakfast:

After breakfast it was time for some more shopping before heading home. This time was at the local outlet mall that we had gone to back in the summer (read about it here) and Jacob was looking for the coin operated rides from the moment we walked in. So of course we let him have a few rides

He also found other ways to amuse himself while Mommy and Daddy looked through the different stores.

I’m not sure if it was all the shopping or just the relaxing hum of the engine but on the drive back both Jacob and I fell asleep in the van.

It was a great trip and though I missed Violet I’m not sure if she’s old enough to handle all the running around we did over the two days. I want to thank Nana and Papa for a great time and we’re looking forward to doing it again, with perhaps a bit more time and one more little person with us. What I’m not sure about is if there will be another one before our big family vacation that we have planned in the spring. I guess only time will tell.


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