POD: Lighting up the Season

With the Santa Claus parade winding through our streets yesterday, in my head it’s now the Christmas season. So as I was walking to and from work today I thought it might be a good time to take a picture of the local fountain with its fancy Christmas light display. I’m not sure that on a normal night if I would have used it as my picture of the day, but  after spending the evening in the ER it’ll have to do. When I headed out with the kids after getting home from work I had hopped to have a quick visit to the kids clinic at St. Joes. unfortunately the TTC had other plans. After just missing a streetcar we arrived 10 minutes after they stopped taking patients at the clinic so I was left with a choice of waiting till tomorrow to take Violet to see her doctor, or brave the ER. I figured since I was there I would brave the ER. That was probably a mistake. The place was full and we waited hours to be seen and finally told that Violet has Pink Eye. The doctor  proscribed a week of eye drops. So it’s probably good that I didn’t wait till tomorrow, but as I sit down to write this I’m really just wanting to head to bed.  For a bonus here is the same seen taking on my way into work:


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