Lakeshore Christmas Parade 2011

While I was putting together yesterday’s post about Violet’s first time on ice I realised I hadn’t posted the pictures from the local Santa Clause parade. So I thought I should start the week out right and post them. You see last Saturday morning the family headed out to the Lakeshore to watch the annual Santa Clues Parade. With the kids bundled up we ready to watch the parade.

The Leafs sent there maskote….

It was great that Jacob’s hockey was pushed back so Jacob could go the parade

It was cute the way the kids sat and watched the parade.

Quite an under water scene on that float

Jacob and his Buddy Liam pose for a picture

Violet holds on to one of the

Anyone for a game of Cards?

Our little dancing girl

Hey look it’s snow white… I thought she was in Storybrooke.

More Parade phone

Violet watches as a familare looking train approches

Something looks off with that engine.


The floats where great, though I have to say that doesn’t look like the  Polar Express that I’m used to..

Violet sits on Daddy’s shoulders.

Amd finnaly we have the big man himself.

The kids wave excitedly


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