POD: Taking in the View

Today was a great day, it started with Violet and her Christmas Recital, well by recital I mean the last 10 minutes of Ballet parents could come in and watch. Then it was Jacob’s hockey game. Followed by a family adventure to see the Polar Express in 3D. It was a great day with some great pictures. So I’m torn by which way to go for today’s picture of the day. After much thought I’ve decided to go a different way then I normally would. Usually it would be an action shot of one of the kids activities, or perhaps a group shot from the Polar Express. Instead I have chosen to use this picture of skyline that I took as we walked across the bridge to the Cinesphere. I’m working on a write up with the pictures from both the Ballet recital and the Polar Express but for thoughs you will have to wait. For now Enjoy the view.


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