From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today was Jacob’s second hockey game of the season, and he started the game out great. With a Goal on his first shift. It’s the first goal he’s ever scored. He really worked hard for the goal, first bringing it out from behind the net and shooting it. When that wasn’t enough he got the rebound and put it in. We’re so proud of our little hockey star. He tried for the entire game, and seemed to always want to be in own the play. Though I didn’t capture the moment of his first goal(It happened to fast) I did get a few pictures during the game, and even one with him holding he First Goal Trophy afterwards that I’ve thrown together in a collage for today’s picture of the day.

One thought on “POD: GOOOAAALLL!!!!

  1. This was the first time I saw him play since last season. His skills on the ice have improved a great deal. This is the first goal of many. Congratulations to Jacob for always trying hard and to the adults supporting his efforts and cheering him on.

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