POD: Naughty Violet’s Surpise

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Our little angel has a bit of a stubborn streak, and sometimes refuses to sit on the naughty chair. When that happens she is sent to her room till she is ready to come down and sit on the chair and apologize for what every she did wrong. The one drawback to sending either of the kids to their rooms is that they are filled with toys, that can distract from the punishment. Not to mention that some times they like to pull them all out making a big mess. Tonight was a stubborn night for young Violet, and while she was sitting in her room refusing to sit on the naughty chair, I heard her doing stuff in her room so when I went up to see if she was ready to come down to the naughty chair, I expected to see a mess. What I saw was a surprise, and so I pulled out a camera and snapped tonight’s picture of the day. When I asked her why she cleaned her room she said ‘Because I thought you’d like it.’ Of course she did finally come down to sit on the naughty chair, before passing out on the couch with Mommy watching Over the Rainbow.

One thought on “POD: Naughty Violet’s Surpise

  1. Smart girl. When you are in trouble with parents, do something nice to suprise them. Way to go Violet. By the way it looks like she did a very good job, especially for her age.

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