POD: Santa Experience 2012

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today we headed to Sherway Gardens for the Santa Experience, it’s an event the kids very excited about. It’s a time that they get to hang out with Santa, he reads them a story, sing songs, dance and even have a make-believe snowball fight. It’s an amazing experience for the kids to have. At last year (POD: The Santa Experience) Violet would have nothing to do with Santa, preferring to lay on the floor then sit on his knee. Today she ran right up to him and sat on his knee. She was still a little shy but she told him what she wants for Christmas, and even gave him a big hug at the end. It wasn’t just while she was on his knee that I could see the excitement, as she sat in the audience watching I could see a huge smile on her face. She seemed to love every minute of it. To be fair they both did, it was a magical night and one that makes the 5 hours I stood in line to get tickets (POD: Lining up for Santa, sorta) worth it.

I thought about including more of the pictures I took tonight but the best were in the collage. I did how ever want to share these 2 closes ups of the kids talking with Santa:



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