POD: Bier Sampler

From Picture of the Day 2013

Tonight I headed out to the Bier Market for a birthday dinner and beer sampling with Danny. I’ve been looking forward to heading to the Bier Market ever since it opened, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. The Food was delicious and the beer selection was mind boggling. We tried 8 different beers, and though I could probably list them all I think I’ll just list a couple of the more memorable ones. The first I will give a shout out to was Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, it was full of flavour without being to sweet. The second was Grimbergen Dubbel Abbey Ale and La Trappe Quadrupel Trappist Ale round out my top three of the night. I think I’ll have to plan another visit to the Bier Market soon.


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