POD: Money Jug

From Picture of the Day 2013

For years we’ve been collecting money in an old water jug(Project 365-050: Savings Account or Toy). Thanks to our friends Jen and Bill our jug got an upgrade, from plastic to glass. The Jug is our vacation fun and the kids are really into putting any change they find into it. One of the things we’ve changed with the upgrade is that we’re keeping the pennies out of the jug. So tonight Melissa and I went through the old jug and separated all the coins and fulled up our new jug.

It impressed me that we were able to fill Jacob’s teddy bear piggy bank with pennies, and here is a bonus picture to prove it:

2013-07-07 23.24.40

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  1. If you want to get rid of those pennies take up to Sobeys they have a machine that counts them and gives you a slip to take to cashier to get the money.

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