POD: Writing Supplies

From Picture of the Day 2013

It’s November first, for some it means growing a mustache for others, it’s just another month in the year. For me it means writing. It the past that was a novel, more recently It’s just been my blog. This year I want it to be my novel, but as we near the end of the first day I have yet to write a single word of my novel. I sat down in front of my computer tonight and have done every thing I could think of instead of writing. My latest attempt to do something other than writing is this blog post. As you can see from today’s picture I have plenty of supplies, and that’s without raiding the kids candy stash.  Of course now instead of writing my novel I’m blogging and it’s time to put a stop to that and start writing my novel… or maybe it’s time for another game of candy crush….

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