POD: Pre-Game Pep Talk


Today was our first day of Hockey in the new year. Both kids were excited to be back, and I was too. Mostly, I wasn’t a fan of the 8:50 start for Jacob’s game. Of course it could have been worse. He has some 7am games coming up. Ever since Jacob took to the ice for his first game 2 and a half years ago,  I’ve been amazed by home much he improved week to week. With Violet its seems like that process has been accelerated, I can’t wait to see how well she’ll be doing as the season comes to an end in a few months. It really is a joy to head to the rink each week to watch how hard they try and how much they improve. Our picture of the day is of Melissa talking to Violet before the game.

We have a bonus video today, I took pictures with my Nexus 7 and though I’m not a fan of tablets as camera’s but it’s what I had so I tried it. Of course it wasn’t till I got home and saw what Google did with the pictures and video that I was reminded why I need to embrace Google Plus more, and got me questioning my wish for a Lumia 1020(but more on that soon) for now here is today’s Auto Awesome video:


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