Month: July 2014

POD: Little Super Heros Family

POD: Little Super Heros

Yesterday I had a picture of Violet that showed how grown up she's gotten,  today I have one to remind me that she's still a little girl.  I c…
POD: A Couple of Girls Family

POD: A Couple of Girls

Today Violet headed to the spa for Sofias birthday.  I captured this picture as the two of them walking down the street after the party.&…
POD: little Monkeys Family

POD: little Monkeys

Today on the way to swimming we cut through the kids school playground,  while there Violet wanted to show off monkey bar ability. She is…
POD:  Legging out a Hit Family

POD: Legging out a Hit

For today's picture of the day we have Jacob taking off from the plate after a hit. What's even better is that I also have a video of the hit,…
A new morning routine? General

A new morning routine?

Yesterday morning was unlike any I've had in more than 2 years,  and even then what happened this morning was rare.  It started normally,  me …
POD: Ruby and Violet Family

POD: Ruby and Violet

Usually its Violet who disturbs Ruby while she sleeps, but this afternoon it was the other way round. It was so cute I had to get a picture.
POD: Going to the Dogs Family

POD: Going to the Dogs

 Today Ruby's sister Porsche came for a visit. I tried to get a good picture of them together, but I failed. So instead I put together the pho…
POD: Double Burger Food

POD: Double Burger

Today we have a picture of my lunch.  A BBQed double cheese burger.  Not my favourite picture of the day,  but it's the only pi…
POD: Softball Pictures Family

POD: Softball Pictures

Today the kids headed down to their Softball pictures. I of course captured my own picture while the photographer was take his. So for today's…
POD: Little Helpers Family

POD: Little Helpers

Today we have a picture of Violet and Ben,  as the help making lunch.  They were little Helpers most of the morning.  They look…