POD: Waiting Room Colouring

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today the kids and I headed to Trillium Hospital for a pre-op tour for Violet’s coming surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. I took this picture as we waited for the tour to begin. Violet was colouring and Jacob was trying to remember and write some of the french words he’s learned this year at school. The tour itself was interesting, Violet was her shy self, though she did seem to come out of her shell once in a while. She wouldn’t put the oxygen monitor  on her finger, or the blood presser cuff. She did put a cuff on one of the nurses. When it came time to go on the tour she was at the front of the group and was very interested. what I’m not sure if it will help her when it times to go in on monday for the actual surgery.


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