Windows Wednesday: Rogers anyplace tv

I had intended to continue talking about the new look and feel of windows 8, but after Monday’s post on the Mobile Post on the City TV app. I thought I’d share the Windows 8 Rogers anyplace tv Metro app. You log in with your Rogers anyplace tv Account, which is tied to your Rogers Cable account and it gives you access to Movies and TV shows. The selection seems to be a subset of the shows available on the Rogers digital box. What I like about it is that you have access to lots of different shows in one place, even if it doesn’t include all the shows that I watch. Sure if we subscribed to the Movie Networks and HBO Canada I’d have a better selection, but as with the City TV app seems a good way to keep up with at least some of your favourite your favourite shows.

The question I have asked myself is do you need the app. Rogers already has a web site that gives access to all the content, perhaps it’s not as pretty, but you aren’t restricted to running as a full screen Metro App. Perhaps if I was using a windows tablet it would make more sense to use the app then the website.

Instead of going through each screen as I usually do in my app reviews, I’ve decided to just share the screen shots below:




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