Month: August 2014

POD: Jacobs new chore Family

POD: Jacobs new chore

Every morning Melissa or I get up early to walk Ruby, usually we find Jacob already awake entertaining himself. This morning I came down to wa…
POD: A Coke Just for Me Family

POD: A Coke Just for Me

With everything going on for our little family over the last few days we take time to relax when we can. Then we get back to getting everythin…
POD: Unexpected Visit Family

POD: Unexpected Visit

  This evening we find ourselves at the St. Joes ER, waiting to see how serious Violet is injured. She has hurt her shoulder, we are hopi…
POD: Riding to Camp Family

POD: Riding to Camp

Today Jacob had a bike rodeo at camp, so the kids got to ride and scoot to camp this morning. I captured todays picture of the day as we walke…
POD: Jacobs Tooth Family

POD: Jacobs Tooth

Tonight while we were out Jacob lost a tooth, it was so strange. One minute it was in his mouth, the next he was showing it off. he was so pro…
POD: CNE 2014 Family

POD: CNE 2014

Today we headed down to the Canadian National Exhibition. It's a bitter-sweet tradition for our family. It's sweet because we always have fun,…
POD: Rainbow Monkey Family

POD: Rainbow Monkey

A few weeks back at camp Violet painted this ceramic monkey, because of our family adventure getaway it wasn't till today that she brought it …
POD: Little Butterfly Family

POD: Little Butterfly

Today we have a picture of our little butterfly. After camp today my mom took the kids to the comunity block party where Violet had her face painted.
POD: Making Ruby Pretty Family

POD: Making Ruby Pretty

Tonight I have a picture of Violet and Ruby. Violet as trying to make Ruby look pretty, the truth was she was doing anything to stay out of be…
POD: Portal Hunting Family

POD: Portal Hunting

For the last few weeks I've played a game Ingres on my phone. I like the merging of digital and real world  of the game. Of course this means …
POD: Playing with Ruby Family

POD: Playing with Ruby

Today we spend the morning running around doing errands and the afternoon at the local park for what was supposed to be a water war. We did ha…
POD: Camp Certificate Family

POD: Camp Certificate

Today we have a picture of Jacobs camp certificate.  The entire camp was a bit of a surprise. We were just browsing the Microsoft store at Squ…
POD: Swinging Away Family

POD: Swinging Away

Today I have a collage of the kids at the plat from baseball tonight. Of course for Jacobs team the big games start next week with their first…