Month: December 2014

POD: My little Tardis Family

POD: My little Tardis

I find it funny how the littlest of gifts can bring so much joy.  Tonight I have a picture of one of my stocking stuffers,  and though I got s…
POD: Ruby Enjoys her Gifts Dog

POD: Ruby Enjoys her Gifts

Tonight was a lay around the house kind of day, and so for my Picture of the Day I thought this one of Ruby enjoying her Dino bone on her new …
POD: Little Ruby Dog

POD: Little Ruby

Today we have another picture of Ruby,  relaxing after a long day. I wonder if she knows that her birthday is just 3 days away.
POD: Letters from Santa Family

POD: Letters from Santa

Today the kids got their letters from Santa they were so excited to open and read them. The looks on their faces as the read the letters makes…
POD: Going Retro Family

POD: Going Retro

Today Jacob had a dose of Retro gaming. At a local sub shop they have a classic table top Ms. Pac-Man game. Jacob was surprisingly excited to …
POD: Jingles watches Family

POD: Jingles watches

Today we have another picture of our Elf on the Shelf. Jingles is still watching over our tree though today he's got an ornament. I suppose we…
POD: Gingerbread Row Family

POD: Gingerbread Row

  Today we got together with friends for some Christmas fun. It was fun to watch the little ones decorating their Gingerbread houses. The…
POD:  Jacob In the Snow Family

POD: Jacob In the Snow

Today the city looks ready for christmas. It started to snow in the morning and didn't stop till after the kids were home from school. I captu…
POD: Illustrated Poem Family

POD: Illustrated Poem

Today we have a picture from Violet's poem book, that she's working on with her Nan. They write the poem together and then Violet draws a picture.
POD: Violet’s Art Family

POD: Violet’s Art

Today we have some of Violets Kindergarten art for our picture of the day. Considering how much she does, not everything is POD worthy. This i…