Month: May 2015

POD: Doggy Shots day Dog

POD: Doggy Shots day

Today Ruby headed down to the vet to get her shots for the year. She did really good, even when they had to draw blood for her heart worm test…
POD: Ruby Dog

POD: Ruby

Today Ruby and I headed down to Etobicoke Valley off Leash park. It's an amazing dog park, it just kept going and going. Ruby loved it. She wa…
POD: Is it summer yet. Family

POD: Is it summer yet.

  Today the kids headed off to enjoyed what finally seems like summer weather. After thinking about it, it must be summer the local splas…
POD: Soccer Family

POD: Soccer

Today was Jacob's second Soccer game of the season, and I have to say he impressed me out there. He really seems to loving playing, makes we w…
POD: Hockey in May Family

POD: Hockey in May

After a day of dancing for Violet yesterday, today we had a day of Hockey.  Both Ball and Ice hockey, with swimming lessons and a birthday par…
POD: Long day of Dance Dance

POD: Long day of Dance

Today was recital day, and little Violet was in two shows and she rocked them both. So for my picture of the day I have one of Violet posing a…
POD: Posing for Mommy Dance

POD: Posing for Mommy

Tonight was Violet's first Tech Rehearsal for her Saturday Recitals. Afterwards I wanted to get a picture of her, but she refused to pose for …
POD: Young Graduates Family

POD: Young Graduates

Today I thought I'd share a picture of a couple of pictures we have on our wall. On is a few years old, while the other we just put up.
POD: Planning the day Family

POD: Planning the day

Today we celebrated the long weekend with a trip to Canada's Wonderland. I captured this picture at the start of our day as Violet and Jacob p…
POD: Birthday Recon Family

POD: Birthday Recon

Today after taekwondo, Jacob and I headed to Playdium to see if it is really where he wants to celebrate his birthday with his friends. It was…
POD: A Hand for Mommy Family

POD: A Hand for Mommy

Today I share a picture of one of Violet's Mothers day gifts. I have to say when I saw it I was thrilled. It's such a sweet gift and I'm so am…
POD: 3 on 3 Skills Family

POD: 3 on 3 Skills

I experienced a day of extremes today, in the morning I took the kids to swimming class at Gus Ryder pool keeps its temperature sweltering, no…
POD: Monkey Violet Family

POD: Monkey Violet

Today after school Violet insisted on showing off her impressive skills on the monkey bars. I tried to capture a video her, but it isn't worth…