Month: February 2016

POD: Chasing the Puck Family

POD: Chasing the Puck

Sunday was Violet’s 3 playoff game, so I had to use the picture from her game for my POD. The Blue Blades are now 2-1, I’m not sure what the r…
POD: A Winning Rim General

POD: A Winning Rim

Sure last week I shared a picture of a coffee cup, but I thought I should show every one out there that you can actually win. Of course it’s o…
POD: Violet and Lucky Family

POD: Violet and Lucky

Today after Violet’s DS Practice, they handed out Bears to all the players. Violet was thrilled with her knew good luck bear. She named it Lucky.
POD: Playoff Hockey General

POD: Playoff Hockey

Sunday was the second game of Violet’s Dolphins playoffs. It was a tough game, they lost 5-3, They are now 1-1 with three games left to play. …
POD: Programming Books Geeky

POD: Programming Books

While cleaning my desk at work the other day I was surprised to see a stack of programming books. Usually they sit hidden behind one of my man…
POD: Hockey Practice Hockey

POD: Hockey Practice

Today we have a picture from Violets DS practice.  Violet really liked this drill, where t h ey worked on skating next to another player.
POD: Jacob’s Poster Family

POD: Jacob’s Poster

Today we have a picture of Jacob working on his PSA for his media literacy project. He worked really hard on it, first coming up with the idea…
POD: New Team Gear Family

POD: New Team Gear

After our father daughter hockey game Sunday I thought it would be fun to share a picture of Violet modeling her new Furies Hoodie.
POD: Mona Lisa in Space Family

POD: Mona Lisa in Space

With parent teacher interviews over the last couple of days I got see see some of the art work at the school. So for today's picture of the da…
POD: Hockey Skills Family

POD: Hockey Skills

After a weekend filled with hockey, it’s time to start the weeks hockey activity. It’s really not much, just a couple nights of practice. So f…
POD: Taekwondo Family

POD: Taekwondo

Friday nights are Taekwondo night for the kids, so I thought a picture of them during class would make a great Picture of the day. Of course s…
POD: Shopping for Meat Food

POD: Shopping for Meat

Every morning the question of what to give the kids for lunch has to be answered. So yesterday evening I headed out to pick up some salami for…