Returning to the Blog

For over 5 years I took the time every day to share something on my blog. For most of that time it was my picture of the day, but sadly back in November that streak came to an end. I wish I could say what happened, why a month that I was hoping to inspire me to get back to writing regularly on my blog could be when I stopped posting at all. I can’t, it started with me taking longer and longer to post my picture of the day, till one day I didn’t then another and another.  Next thing I knew it was December and I hadn’t shared a picture of the day since November 6th. I took them, but they are just sitting in my photo library waiting to be shared.

I tried to jumpstart my blogging in December, but it failed.

So I set my sights on the new year. I hopped that I could start 2016 with a renewed commitment to the blog. The first came and went with no new posts.

So now it’s February and I look at my blog and realize enough is enough. January (and December) were lost I need to get back to writing and posting. One of the things that held back my previous attempts to get back to blogging was having to play catch-up with weeks of PODs. Right now it sits at a staggering 85 days. So today I start fresh, including some tweaks to how I post my picture of the day. To start I will be posting my Picture of the day, instead of posting a today’s picture of the day each day I will post yesterday’s picture of the day. Each morning before 11. I’m aiming to have it up between 8am and 10am, depending on what’s going on with my day.

As for the missing 85 days I’ll be going back and posting them on they day’s they should have appeared. This will not happen over night, I’m still working out the details but hope to start posting by the end of next week.


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