Month: September 2016

POD: Ruby Snuggles Dog

POD: Ruby Snuggles

I was just sitting here watching the Blue Jays on runs against the Seattle Mariners when ruby slipped up onto the couch and put her head on my…
POD: Table Hockey Hockey

POD: Table Hockey

Today we have a picture of Violet playing a game of Table Hockey at Mastermind Toys. She really loves hockey, doesn't mater if its, Ice, ball …
POD: Violet’s Me Bag Family

POD: Violet’s Me Bag

Today Violet brought home her first home work. She's supposed to bring in different things that represents her and present them to the class. …
POD: Birthday Boy Family

POD: Birthday Boy

Today we celebrated Nathaniel's 4th birthday, so for today's picture of the day I have Violet and Nate sitting with me before the party started.
POD: School Supplies Family

POD: School Supplies

In two sleeps the kids head back to school, so we began getting their bags ready for the big day. I love how excited they both are to get back…
POD: The EX 2016 Family

POD: The EX 2016

Today was our annual trip to the Canadian National Exhibition. It was a beautiful day for it. Not a cloud in the sky , but it was never too ho…