May the running season begin

For the past few years, I have celebrated my birthday by running a 5K with my daughter. This year the tradition continues. Though our Saturday is filled with a ton of activities, we are scheduled to run the Novo Nordisk® Hazel 5KM (Part of the Mississauga Marathon race weekend). Every year I watch as violet gets faster and I get slower. In years past I had hoped to use this race as a springboard to get back into serious running, unfortunately, it hasn’t worked. This year I hope to change that. I’ve started by doing a few warm-up runs., something I never did enough in past years (if I’m being honest I still haven’t done enough). Going forward, this year will be different. I will start regular runs with the goal of running a 10K by the end of summer, or at least another couple of 5ks with one or both of my kids.


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