POD: Scotch by the Water

After a long day of repairs and packing, we finally got to the cottage after 10 pm. After relaxing with a beer, I poured a scotched and headed down to the river and captured this amazing picture.

Today we start the new POD strategy. Instead of posting a picture each night, or back posting them, as has been my practice over the last little while. The plan now is each day at 6 pm to post a picture from the day before. To keep the streak of having a post every day (At least the streak will continue once I finish catching up with the days I missed) I posted one picture ‘last night’ and this one now. They both represent June 30th. Just going forward I will post at 6 pm the next day. Well maybe not 6 pm, I’m still debating when I should post. I might move it to an earlier time of the day, the key is that I hope to post every day at the same time.


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