POD: Blowing out the Candles

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who came and shared this special day with our family. Our little girl turns 2 on Thursday and today we celebrated. It was a great party and it’s days like today that form the memories I want my kids to have as they grow up.

POD: Birthday Outfit

Today’s picture is of Violet modeling her outfit for her birthday party. It’s not the Birthday outfit we wanted for her, but it’s a pretty good second choice.

POD: New Clothes

Last week Melissa placed an order online from the Gap and Old Navy with a co-worker. Today the clothes arrived, she picked up 4 T-Shirts and plus one long-sleeved shirt plus a new vest. All that cost around $50, the vest alone usually sales for $80 so it was a pretty good deal. Plus I… Continue reading POD: New Clothes

POD: Party Prep

Yesterday Melissa and Violet’s god mother Suzanne got together and began doing some of the prep work for Violets Birthday. When they showed me there results of there afternoon of work I was impressed. So what do my readers think these pretty boxes will be used for?

POD: Winter Boots?

Today I did something I haven’t done before. Today I picked up a pair of winter boots. After buying them I was trying to remember the last time I own a pair of winter boots. I know I have owned them, I just don’t know when. I don’t think I have never bought myself a… Continue reading POD: Winter Boots?

POD: Snow Angels

All winter Jacob has wanted to go out and play in the snow. Unfortunately there hasn’t been enough snow or time to let him get out and enjoy it. Today after school there was. On Her way Home Melissa capture this picture of one of our little guys Snow Angels.