POD: Violet helps out

Today Violet decided she wanted to help with the vacuuming in our living room. It was very cute to watch her with her little toy vacuum. She even set her baby up in her chair to watch.

POD: Bundled Up Waiting for School

Today we have our first guest photographer, Melissa snapped this picture of our little guy while they waited for the bell to ring and school to start. It’s a bit strange to be posting a picture I didn’t take, but it’s a great picture and well I didn’t take one worthy of the blog today.

POD: Our new Desk

Today I thought I’d continue with the living room series. Today it’s our new Desk. It’s been an adjustment having the compute in the living room, but it’s been worth it. The best part of it has been that Melissa has let me keep both my monitors, something I didn’t think she’d do. Of course… Continue reading POD: Our new Desk

POD: What’s up with Dora?

Today Melissa and I were looking for Party supplies at Wal-Mart and while looking we came across these three Dora piñatas. The one in the middle seems a little off. Dora is Mexican, so why are they selling a Dora Piñata that’s whiter then snow?