2013 The Movie

A couple of days ago I was on Google plus when I saw this in my Auto Awesome feed. I thought it was a great little video and wanted to share it with more people than on Google Plus, so I uploaded it to YouTube and posted it here. Enjoy


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  1. […] When I saw the first people posting their year in review I went to my Facebook to see what a great year I had, only to be greeted by a disappointing trip through the year in photos. My first thought was how could this be, I mean I post a picture every day, how can that be all that Facebook felt was worth remembering. Of course then it hit me, I don’t share my photos on Facebook, I share them on my blog and share my blog to Facebook. Meaning Facebook doesn’t see my photos, just my posts, and it didn’t include posts in the year in review. Then just a couple of days later my phone buzzed, I had a new Auto awesome, it was Google’s turn to try to sum up my year. So I knew they would do better than Facebook, I use the Google plus images to back up all my photos, so I knew Google had access to a lot of images from the year. And it  did a great job, sure it included some images that I wouldn’t want to share publicly, mostly from school trips and birthday parties, but it felt like it did a good job of capturing the year. Last year I took the time to tweak it and created something that I was proud to share, 2013 The Movie. […]

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