100 Days of Blogging

Today is a big day for my personal blog. I have posted everyday for the last 100 days. That’s something in my 4 yours of blogging I have never managed before. I had done a month here or there, but never 100 days, that’s over three months. That’s something I’m proud of. To be fair not all my posts were great, but every day I managed to sit down and find something to post. For me this is the hardest thing about blogging, finding something to write about.  That’s one of the great surprises I’ve found with the 365 Challenge, Once I have my picture taken I have something to write about every day. One casualty of Project 365 is Wordless Wednesday. It seems silly to have a post dedicated to just pictures when I’ll be posting a new picture every day.

Back in December when I first figured out when I’d reach the 100th day of posting I planned on scaling back my posts. Move to an easier 3 or 4 posts a week, but today I know that’s not what is going to happen. My plan is to have 12 or more posts a week. What that’ll mean for my readers is I’ll have two types of posts, my regular posts and my Project 365 Posts. My Regular posts will go online Monday through Friday between 8am  and 10am. The Project 365 posts will go up between 9pm and midnight every day of the week. I might post regular posts on the weekends too, but they aren’t in the plan.  I’m hoping this will keep me posting going forward and prevent this from just being a blog for my Project 365 posts.


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