For the last  3 week I have felt a little lost, my phone is broken and So I don’t have access to all things I had started to take for granted. I miss having access to my E-Mail, Calendar, Twitter, and Evernotes. I have been using Melissa’s phone, but its not the same. I don’t want to install my applications to her phone or setup my email accounts. So I have been making do, mostly by being disconnected. Of course I will loose even the limited connection when Melissa goes back to work in the coming weeks.

So the solution is obvious, get a new phone. There are 3 things keeping me from that, first my contract still has 13 months left so the deals I can get for new hardware is limited, Second is now is not the time for the added expense of a new phone. Third I don’t know what phone to get. Its probably the single biggest issue I face. Deals can be negotiated, money and can be found, but I don’t know what phone I want. I like the LG IQ, but its a resistive touch screen (Best with Stylus) and running Windows Mobile. The HTC Hero is cool but I really want a hardware keyboard. I think I want the Motorola Droid or Millstone as it will be called when it comes to Telus, I just don’t know how long I’ll have to wait. I have considered just buying a regular phone that I could use till I knew what phone I wanted and had a deal that made it worth getting. I hope to have my phone situation figured out by the end of the month. When I do I’m sure I’ll be sharing a new gadget with my readers.


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