Project 365-012: Sleeping Boy

Day 12

Tonight when I peaked in on Jacob to make sure that he was sleeping soundly. As I looked down at my sleeping boy I wondered how he was comfortable sprawled out like that. He’s growing so fast, it seems like just yesterday that he first slept in his big boy bed. A bed he looked so small in last December when he first slept in it. Now he looks like a little boy in his little boy bed. I’m now even thinking it’s time to take off the Side bar from his bed.

Of course it seems that sprawling out is a trait both my kids share. In tonight’s Bonus picture Violet curls up in the corner of her crib with Foo Foo Bunny  and her Glow worm, who has yet to receive a name.

2010-01-12 002 2010-01-12 010


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