Project 365-013: Skating with Jacob

2010-01-13 002 2010-01-13 029

Tonight was Jacob’s second skating lesson of 2010, the second time he laced up at Long Branch Centennial Arena. What set tonight apart from other skating lessons is that I strapped on skates and got on the Ice with Jacob and Danny. It was an interesting experience then watching from the sidelines. I had hoped to get better shots being one the ice, but It didn’t work out which is why today’s picture is of the arenas sign.

Two things became quite clear to me watching Jacob skate tonight, the first is he’s really getting it. He spent almost the entire lesson skating skating on his own. He still needs to get the confidence to stand up on his own, but he’s close. Second if I don’t get on the ice more he’ll be a better skater then me by the end of this session of lessons.

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