Project 365-014: Sickness


Today wasn’t a good day in our house. It started 2 nights ago when Violet threw up in her bed, repeatedly.  It seemed like it would be better after she was fin all day but then while she was sitting in the high chair, up came her last bottle and probably everything she had that afternoon. So we got her squared away and we were just hopping that Jacob wouldn’t get what ever it was making Violet sick. Of course that hope was dashed a couple hours after he went to bed. It was a long night, I’m not sure how many bed sheets we went through, but it seemed like a lot.

I probably would have gone to work, except in the morning he was unable to keep down even water, so I stayed home to help out. Jacob spent the morning sleeping and the afternoon lounging. Violet seemed ok, not great, but there was no throw up so that was a plus. To be fair Jacob didn’t through up again after his morning scare. It was a long day. To make it more fun both Melissa and I spent the day feeling sick. Though we both managed to keep from throwing up. For me the key to that was the subject of tonight’s picture.  Here is hoping that every one has a better night.


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