Project 365-016: First BBQ of the Year

DSC_0884Tonight I fired up the BBQ and cooked up some chicken breasts. I probably should have pulled out steaks for the occasion, after all its not every day you BBQ in January, but the chicken was defrosted in the fridge. It was a great night for BBQing, I didn’t even need my Jacket when I went out to check on the food. 

Melissa was out at a friends working on decoration and treats for Violet’s birthday leaving me and Jacob to fend for ourselves. So I invited my mom and niece over and made Grilled Chicken, Pirogues and Caesar salad for dinner. Though just Jacob and I had the Chicken.  Then we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. An enjoyable little evening.

Tonight’s bonus picture is of our finished meal:



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