Project 365-017: Violet enjoys some water

2010-01-17 001 2010-01-17 006Today when Melissa left to go shopping with her mom I hoped to get some chores done around the house. After all it was Nap time for the kids. I expected the challenge to be Jacob, but it turned out that Violet was the one who refused to nap. So I had an unexpected afternoon with Violet. I tried to play some games with her and figured while I was at it I’d see if she would take water in her sippy cup. She likes cups, she tries to drink from any cup she see, so we have been debating whether we should bother with a sippy cup at all. Today I filled her cup with some water and let her have a go with it. It was hit and miss. At times she would play with it, others she tried to drink from it. Watching her I new what I wanted for today’s picture.


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