Project 365-030: Violet’s Babies


Today I thought I’d share a picture of some of Violets babies. In the picture starting from the left is Bear, Kai-Lan, Foo Foo, Abby, Emma and Katie. Missing are the ones she’s sleeping with, her glow worm and second bunny Bunny. Usually Foo Foo and Kai-Lan are in her crib too, but some how they made it to the living room today. While I was doing the evening clean-up I was surprised to see so many down stairs. So I did a photo shoot.

She knows each of her babies, though I’m not sure if she can tell Abby and Emma apart yet, I’m not sure I can. One of the cutest things is when she takes the Abby’s hat off and then brings them over to you to put them back on. They never stay on more then a couple of minutes. I think I’ll have to try to get some video of her playing with her babies. After all she loves her little ones and often picks them up and gives them hugs and kisses.


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