Project 365-048: From the Ice

IMG_2641Over the course of Jacobs skating lessons this year, I’ve strapped on my own skates three times, the first time was to see just how bad a skater I am. I hold my own, I haven’t fallen yet. The second was because Danny couldn’t make it and some one had to do it. Tonight was the third, I am getting better. I even got down on the ice to try and encourage Jacob to stand up on his own today. Since cameras are frowned on during the lessons it’s not always easy to get pictures. Today’s shot is of Danny talking to Jacob after he just stood up from the ice. Watching him try to stand is frustrating. He can do it all by himself,  he did it today. The problem is he doesn’t know he can, so whenever he has to stand he reaches out for help before trying himself. Once he tries first he should realize that he can do it. With only 2 more lessons I’m hoping he can pick it up before the end. I know we’re looking into the possibility of Jacob doing some skating in the summer but I’m not sure if we’re going to find any that works for us.


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