POD: 10k Race Day (57:18.3)


Today on the eve of the anniversary of my first run I took part in my second  race. The distance was double my last race, the Harry Rosen 5k Spring Run-Off. Today’s race was the Sporting Life 10k. My Time was 57:18.3, only .4 seconds behind Dan’s time of 57:17.9. The running felt great, our pace was 5 Minutes and 44 Seconds a km. Making it the fast I’ve ever run for a sustained amount of time. Now I’ve got 2 weeks to prepare to more than double todays race distance. On May 15th I run the Mississauga Half-Marathon. You can pledge your support here. I’ll be writing more about it in the coming days.

Some bonus pictures from after the race. I’m thinking I might try my next run with Violet on my shoulders Winking smile




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