Beyond the Gym

I find it strange how the Gym has become the focus of my working out, when I started it was running. When we joined the gym my running seemed to take a back seat. To be fair the gym has a lot of perks, no weather, good equipment, sauna but I think that I’m missing something doing most of my working out there. So I’m hoping to get back out on the streets for more of my workouts in the coming weeks. There will be plenty of time for the Gym when it’s to cold to be outside. Also this past weekend I was reminded of what I used to love doing for exercise and fun, Cycling.

Bike on the Wall

Since we moved into our place before Violet was born my bike has sat mostly unused in our yard. I have wanted to take it down and see about getting it ready to ride again but never found the time. This Sunday I found the time, spending  Kids in Trailersome of Sunday morning getting Melissa’s and my bikes fit for riding. I found the process enjoyable, what’s more is where I have never gotten into the Exercise bikes at the gym loved heading out for a leisurely ride with the kids in tow. It was so enjoyable that after the kids went to bed I headed out for another ride. This time I tried to push myself a little more and did a 30 minute, almost 10k ride around the neighbourhood. It was great and though it is another thing to keep me from my running, it’s also something I can do with the kids. On evenings when the weather is nice and I’m at home with the kids, I can either pack a picnic or head out after dinner and go for a ride. With nice visit to a park in the middle I’m sure the kids would love the adventures.

So going forward I have three ways to work out, Gym, Running and Cycling.  Now I just have to find a way to juggle my schedule to fit them all in. I’m hoping to use my blog to motivate and inspire me. I’m not sure who that will work yet, but I’m sure I’ll have it figured out in the coming weeks. It will probably include progress reports and write ups about some of my workouts. After all there are some other benefits of working out in the great out doors, if you go to the right places you can get rewarded with quite a view:

View from my Sunday night ride

Sunday night Ride 2


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