Project 365-176: Evening Ride with Jacob


For my evening workout Jacob climbed into the trailer and I hoped on my bike and away we went. When we started I wasn’t sure where we were going, I just knew I wanted to ride for at least 30 minutes, and Jacob wanted to go to a park to eat his skittles.

In my head I had 2 choices, East or West. East would have taken us to Sunnyside and the dinosaur park or perhaps the Castle park in High Park. West was to Marie Curtis Park, where we went on Sunday, or perhaps a little further. We ended up going west stopping at little splash pad and playground near Douglas Kennedy Park. It was further then we went on Sunday but a place Melissa and I used to ride to before we had kids and shelved our bikes.

It was a good ride, though at times I found pulling the extra weight of Jacob and the trailer challenging. I only wish we had more time, there was a few baseball games that we passed that it might have been fun to sit and watch. I’m looking forward to our weekend rides as a family, there are lots of places to stop and have picnics or just to run around.

The ride as a workout was great, the entire trip there and back (minus the time in the playground) was about an hour. We traveled 16.14, and averaged 15 km an hour. It felt good to get out there. I’m really looking forward to future rides. I’m thinking it might be worth looking into spinning classes at the gym.

Our Picture today is from the park we stopped at, it was a little spinning seat that Jacob climbed up onto (with my help) and I spun it. Unfortunately it seemed to pick up speed and before I could get a great picture Jacob was falling off.

Our bonus picture today is Jacob climbing onto the Spinner:



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