365 Days of blogging

One year ago I decided to start blogging everyday for the rest of the year. I did that and haven’t stopped. It’s now been a full year of a posting everyday. To be fair starting the Project 365 on January 1st has really help with my posting everyday, but I’m still impressed that I went from occasionally posting a musing or collection of photos to posting something every day.

Moving forward I hope to start posting a lot more none Project 365 posts. Starting Monday with the launch of my new series, Mobile Mondays. There will be more series in the coming weeks, I’m just working out the details before I launching them. I’m hoping to have posts from 2 or 3 ongoing series each week. I just want to make sure this time I don’t get 1 or 2 posts in and then stop.

An interesting note about the first post a year ago (see post here). I talked about Jacob and Violet starting their fall swim classes. In an example of the symmetry of life, tomorrow is the first day of this falls swimming classes. This time we’ll be going on Saturdays, with Violet and I in the Guardian and Tot swim while Jacob is in his Pre-School 2 class.


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