Mobile Monday: Quick Settings


Todays mobile Monday application is Quick Settings. It’s an all-in-one settings application for Android. With support for a ton of settings including, Mobile Data, GPS, Brightness and more. Being able to quickly turn on or off systems on your phone can really extend battery life. There are plenty of widgets that can place similar controls on the home screens, but I’ve never liked them. I like the ease of access them through Notification or long press of the search button. Going back to the home screen just to enable Data or GPS seemed clunky to me. So the quick access this app provides is great. It’s easy to customize interface allows you to only show the settings that you use.

Here is a complete list of settings you can control from the applications site :

  • Brightness (including automatic brightness)
  • Volume (with separate control for every audio channel)
  • Mobile dataMobile Data (APN) and a shortcut to “use 2G only” system setting
  • Ringer (silent, vibration, ringer and ringer & vibration)
  • WiFi & Wifi Hotspot
  • one click GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Airplane mode
  • Screen Timeout
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Automatic rotation
  • Lock pattern


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