Project 365-284: Giving of thanks


Today was Thanksgiving day so our family had a small dinner. It was a great success. There were a lot of things we did a little differently this year. The first was we backed our own Apple pie for desert, with Violet’s nut allergies we just don’t trust most bakeries. We also tried a new turkey, a pre-stuffed bake from frozen, from Lilydale. Everything was a big success. And though the pre-stuffed bird seems unnatural it turned out so good and was so much easier to make it’s hard not to see us getting it again.

On moment that stood out for me tonight was after dinner and dessert I asked Jacob what he was thankful for. He thought about it for a moment then said he had to go up to his room to check. I was thinking he’d pick his current favourite toy, or maybe his new magnetic letters. Instead he came back down stairs with his Monkey Coco and said he was thankful for love. If was so very sweet and unexpected.


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