Project 365-304: To Infinity and Beyond


Today was Halloween and so the kids dressed up and headed out to get candy. The night was clear but cold. The cold forced us to change Violet’s costume from the Ladybug or Bumblebee to Jacob’s old Lion. Though I have to say she looked adorable in it.


The evening was a great success though it was interesting to watch Violet as she approached different houses. Some times she would charge up to the door, others she hung back clinging to mommy or daddy like a shy little thing. Of course most of our trick or treating took place after 7 which is her usual bed time so that added to the fun. We ended up taking her home early and putting her to bed before Jacob and the candy got home. This had the benefit that we didn’t have her trying to get at it before we had a chance to separate all the candy with peanuts or nuts. I can see that might be a bit of a challenge in the years to come.

Our bonus pictures today are from our trip around the neighbourhood trick or treating:





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